Reunion Class Volunteers
Albany Medical College alumni volunteers are vital to the overall success of our annual Reunion Program. In addition to fostering a spirit of camaraderie and participation for Reunion Weekend, alumni volunteers provide essential support for our reunion giving program and philanthropic success.

The Alumni Association and Foundation staff will fully support the reunion committee efforts including handling the logistics for solicitations, outreach and class party details.

Class of 1954
David Beck, MD ’54

Class of 1964
C. Wendell Wickersham, MD ’64

Class of 1969
G. Timothy Johnson, MD ’69
Thomas L. Snyder, MD ’69
John C. Wheeler, DMD, M.D. ’69

Class of 1974
Edwarda M. Buda-Okreglak, MD ’74
John Warkentin, MD ’74

Class of 1979
Janet E. Gargiulo, MD ’79
Margaret Grogan, MD ’79
Zachary Gerbarg, MD ’79
Steven M. Frisch, MD ’79
James F. Horn, MD ’79
Davis Semenoff, MD ’79

Class of 1984
Vincent P. Verdile, MD ’84
Duncan Winter, MD ’84

Class of 1989
Thomas F. Burke, MD ’89
Amy Damiani, MD ’89
Sharon Tietgens, MD ’89

Class of 1994
Catherine Tan, MD ’94
Raymond Tan, MD ’84

Class of 1999
Clifford Erickson, MD ’99

Class of 2004
Kathryn Hogan, MD ’04
Peter Manes, MD ’04

Class of 2009
Melissa Leber, MD ’09

Get involved! Become a Class Volunteer today.

Please contact Christine Horigan, Associate Director, Alumni Association:


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